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Ploypan and Decha have arranged the perfect marriage between fun and functionality in their product designs.

Thinkk Studio, Ploypan Theerachai and Decha Archjananun, both 32, from Bangkok.
Juxtaposing traditional and industrial materials drives the duo. For the past six years, Ploy and Decha, as affectionately known by many in the industry, have been driven by their passion to offer solutions to everyday problems through functionality and to not “create anything that is not better or different to those that already exist”.

Ploy and Decha studied interior architecture together in Bangkok and founded Thinkk Studio upon graduating. Their fascination with traditional Thai craftsmanship and their fresh approach to simple lines and contrasting raw materials led them to continue their postgraduate studies in product design. Ploy attended Konstfack in Stockholm and Decha studied at ECAL in Lausanne.

From architecture to product design, interior design and creative direction, the scope of projects their multi-disciplinary studio can handle is wide indeed – now, Ploypan has even put her mark on the CONST desk lamp she created for Wood Stockholm. The marble base keeps the octagon-shaped wood body balanced and users can easily adjust the angle of the shade by rotating it – this fusion of fun and functionality elements give the award-winning lamp her distinctive geometrical stamp.


What is your design philosophy?
There is already a huge amount of high-quality designs in the world, and our concern is the sustainability issue where we aim to combine fun and functionality. It’s also time to do something beyond the traditional. Blending elements of Scandinavian functionalism with traditional Thai craftsmanship, our products may appear elusive at first glance, but in fact, they are very practical.

Have you previously or currently designed for other brands?
Yes, we still provide design services for local and international brands such as MilliMatter, Specimen Editions, and Wood Stockholm.

What was the inspiration behind the ARMS Chair and CONST Lamp?
We’ve always been passionate about offering solutions to everyday problems through our designs. The ARMS Chair is all about offering additional armrests to answer to different sitting patterns and postures, making it unique to each user despite its simple form.

The CONST Lamp uses “play” as a methodology during the design process. The main idea is to combine functionality and expression, while keeping in mind the simple elements and their roles.

Do you consciously think about sustainability when you design?
We design things that last, and that’s our interpretation of sustainability.

ARMS chair

What about the use of industrial materials, and blending elements of Scandinavian functionalism with Thai culture?
Our products appeal to a much wider audience than just locals. In fact, Scandinavian celebration of simplicity, minimalism and functionality greatly influenced our style. In Thailand, expert craftsmanship is easily accessible, as in an abundance of fine raw materials, such as wood and concrete. The combination of lightwood, lacquered metal, grey marble and raw concrete – found in our distinctive products like the CONST desk lamp and the Truss vases, draws on both Thai craft and industry.

Who would you like to design for?
We are going to build a new home studio very soon.


Where can we find your products?
Most of our furniture designs can be found in Asia, while some of our smaller objects are available in Europe and the US.

Check out Ploy and Decha’s work at think-studio.com.

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