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Lofty Vision: Jade Seah


If you tell a potential home buyer that a certain property is old, had no parking space and one would have to walk up six flights of stairs in darkness, most people would give it the wide berth. However, it was not the case for media personality model, host and actress Jade Seah as the home ticked all the boxes in terms of its freehold prospect and that it was a conservation house. “My fiance and I were looking around online for properties in the eastern area and chanced upon this,” laughs Jade. “We fell in love with it and made an offer almost immediately after. When it was bought and my dad finally saw the place with its inconveniences (of no parking and no lift), he simply could not understand why!”

Always Onward

Purchased in 2012, she and her fiance obviously weighed in on the home’s potential rather than fussing about its aforementioned inconveniences. What drove them to sign on the contract was its loft-like structure and with the right contractor, their believed that their dreams could materialise. Well, they certainly made a fortuitous decision!

Jade’s other pet peeves of the property were the poor water pressure where one couldn’t use two taps at once; she also lambasted about the dreadful brown hues that seem to dominate the space. “I totally detest anything to do with the colour brown. I just couldn’t live with it and I knew that it would be the first thing to be tossed out in my renovation’s to-dos. Also the space was too dark so it was paramount to introduce more sunlight,” emphasises Jade. The floor area of 1,207 sq ft was pretty decent for a couple to start their lives together, so they put their hearts and minds on the project to make things work.

Facing the Music
Renovation took almost a year all because of teething problems in electrical, plumbing and some alterations and additions, but thankfully the homeowners were not in a hurry to move in. Her contractor, who has mostly done commercial projects, understood her brief to turn this home into a loft apartment with a master bedroom at the apex. The chirpy actress adds, “There was this weird bridge leading to the bedroom as soon as you climbed the stairs from the living area. And the floor laminates were unsightly and some were peeling off. I desired a spacious bedroom with plenty of storage, so I guess I pretty much focused on getting the idea into fruition.”

The final product is a home that underpins Jade’s philosophy – when you see things materialise, that’s the fun part of the project and she was quick to draw references in life – “if you’re headstrong about what you desire, you can achieve it.” Stepping into the home, the roof with its exposed beams immediately draws the eye to the loft.


For more of our interview with Jade, check out pages 64 to 72 of Issue 22.

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