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Hanging Garden in 5 Easy Steps

A hanging garden is a great way to add life to your home without limiting your space. Follow these quick steps to easily install a hanging garden of your own, who says we can’t have summer all year round?

1. Start with a small hanging pot, some potting soil, a hook, gardening supplies, and your choice of plants and flowers. Opt for resiliant and vibrant annual flowers such as impatiens or verbenas.

2. Decorate the pot to add a personal touch to it. Give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint or go quirky with patterns and decal. Leave the paint to dry as you approach the following steps.

3. Clear your balcony and select a good area to hang the garden. Mark the area but do not drill in the hook just yet. Hold the pot up to get a sense of the completed look. If you’re not satisfied, make the necessary adjustments.

4. Put aside the pot and drill the hook in the desired spot. Once your pot is dry, hang it overnight to ensure that the hook is secure.

5. The next day, fill up the pot with soil, hang it up and watch it grow beautifully.

Happy Planting!

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