Geometric Elegance by Spire id

A geometric haven of elegance and lush appeal with a touch of art deco at the Sun Cottage.

Sun Cottage belies a breezy elegance with an undeniable art deco undertone. On the first floor of the home, the interior designers at Spire Id carved a perfect communal space with the entertainment alcove, dining area and kitchen that opens up into one another in a seamless airy unit. A classic combination of pristine white marble flooring, the preference for heavy drapery and exquisite chandeliers exude a lovely plush elegance.

Private spaces on the upper levels reflect each occupant’s unique style and needs revealing the designer’s eye for details. The princess room is a lovely haven with its quirky toy chest and bespoke elevated sleeping quarters. Strawberry pink accents and these little touches of whimsy make the room a girl’s dream.

A spacious honey hued retreat greets us in the master bedroom fitted with its very own massage chair.  Sophistication of the master suite extends to the accent wall and its geometric pattern that complements the grain of the parquet flooring. The effect is calming as the eye skims over the cohesive patterns to revel in the spaciousness of the sanctuary.

The second bedroom is a cosy functional area with storage spaces built into the walls. Textured wallpaper cocooning the entire room lend a gritty grotto-like appeal while the guest bedroom boasts an expansive contemporary charm. Reflective surfaces and mirrors amplifies the space and gives it the upscale feel of a hotel room.

Lighting makes an inspired statement in this home with architectural fixtures casting an interesting kaleidoscope in each room. Through accessories, the designers at Spire have elevated the space into more than a home but an elegant sanctuary for the sophisticated.

Spire id Pte Ltd
No 1 Commonwealth Lane
#04-02 One Commonwealth
Singapore 149544
T: 6659 0528

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