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Designing A Modern Family Home

Contemporary Bedroom

A modern contemporary home offers sophisticated design that’s practical for family life.

Senior interior designer Joash Ng had one of the loveliest homeowners to ever approach him for advice on their interior work. The couple – an Australian husband and Singapore wife with two daughters in tow – wanted a modern rendition of a home replete with stylish features and spot on for practicality; whether for work or play scenarios.

Looking Around

The three-bedroom condominium located along Flora Road enjoys Eastern sunshine, idyllic walks and clean surrounds. As the homeowners grew up in the Eastern region of Singapore, they had looked around for a place to stay close by to their parents, not forgetting, it had to be a stone’s throw away for their daughter’s education needs. Edelweiss Park Condominium ticked all the boxes and with 1,055sqf of built-up space to play, their brief to Joash was to create a modern home primed for today’s lifestyle needs. “I think we were optimistic about meeting Weiken because we read some stories showcasing the firm’s strengths in local interior design magazines. Therefore, we paid a visit to their IMM branch and decided what they could offer. Joash came to our needs and was very receptive to hear our requirements:” explains the man of the house.

Modern Family Living RoomThe Brief

Joash prescribed a modern contemporary design for the young family, but more than just pleasing aesthetics, he had to devise means to include storage facilities within the interior. The only challenge of the home was its odd shape and hard to determine a look to unify the theme in an aesthetic sense. “The safest means was to use a neutral palette – whites and creams – for the walls and surfaces and it worked. It’s a great canvas to showcase the strengths of our contemporary designs,” says Joash.

About eight weeks of renovation ensued after the contract was signed. Today, the home is the perfect respite for them to unwind after a hard working week. The chic living room emanates a posh feel without feeling too precious or pretentious. A false ceiling accommodates the alcove lighting and also forms the backdrop for a feature wall where the LCD TV is hung. A chic ‘60s-style pendant light made of many small discs is a conversation starter when guests pop by. The open-plan concept of the living room shares its space with the dining area where leather chairs. The homeowners’ desire to include glossy finishing and judicious usage of blacks in a mostly-white theme, proved to work well.

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