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An Interior State of Mind: Takenouchi Webb

As Lo & Behold continues to expand with bold new concepts, we take a closer look at the creative minds behind their restaurants’ beautiful interiors.

Marc Webb and his wife Naoko Takenouchi.

Takenouchi Webb is a Singapore-based architectural and interior design firm led by husband and wife team Marc Webb and Naoko Takenouchi.

1) How are you today?
Good! We are busy with a lot of new projects and our one-year-old son is giving us an early start to the mornings.

2) We can’t help but notice that The Black Swan has a slightly different design vibe compared to your previous projects for Lo & Behold. What inspired you?
We were definitely heavily influenced by the existing 1930’s building. From the beginning of the project the Lo + Behold group wanted to create an art deco inspired concept so we took our inspiration from that era. It turned out to be the most richly textured work we have done so far.

3) 2 things we did not know about you.
I Occasionally DJ under the moniker “Earl Grey”, and Naoko is a voracious Manga reader.

4) Who are your top 3 inspirations?
Everyday life, Travel and food.

5) Share a word of advice for budding creative local talents.
Be professional and patient. It takes a lot of work and time to realise your designs.

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