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4 Unique Furnitures by Ron Arad

Constantly defying categorisation by curators and critics, renowned designer Ron Arad never shies away from challenging the traditions and conventions of the old ways. Take a seat and check out some of his aesthetically redefining designs to rest our derriere in ultimate comfort and luxury.

1. “Ripple” chair for Moroso

Made of: Polished and natural injection-moulded thermoplastic. Its seat shell is made of polypropylene while its legs are comprised of chrome finish or stainless steel, with white or black matt varnish.
Designed to: Evoke the fluidity of sand when washed over by waves of the ocean through its circular aperture of the seat, the lightness and softness of its lines.
Perfect for: Indoor and outdoor use as it is conveniently stackable (up to four).

2. “Do Lo Res” sofa for Moroso

Made of: Different-density polyurethane foam with several soft cubic and rectangular upholstered units of varying heights. The units are stiffer at the bottom and softer at the top to ensure structural stability and user comfort.
Designed to: Present a postmodern pastiche of colours, forms and heights.
Perfect for: Rearrangement to form limitless combinations of comfort for your living room.

3. “Clover” armchair for Driade

Made of: One monobloc of polyethylene to form a small armchair-sculpture with a backrest.
Designed to: Emulate a four-leaf clover or a quirky flower, it is both organic and sensual with an evidently-shaped robust root base.
Perfect for: Outdoor environment such as patio, pool area, garden and balcony. You can also bring in a touch of nature inside your living room or hallway.

4. “Voido” chair for Magis

Made of: Rotational moulding of polyethylene with a depth of 114cm. The rocking chair is available in your choice of either matte or glossy colours including a new version in gold.
Designed to: Rock and roll into the future with its sculptural and curvilinear aesthetics plus technical qualities. Some say it resembles a bent marshmallow but surely, various other impressions will be formed through this conversation piece.
Perfect for: Bringing art and style into your living room or any space for that matter with its exciting shape. Matte-coloured versions are fit for outdoor use.

To read more about Ron Arad and his other star designs, flip to page 36 to 39 of Home + Living, Issue 22.

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