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Creative Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Your Very Own Retreat!

Article by Mabel Tan

Gasp! the bathroom need not be the standard all-white that reminds you of the hospital! Let us bring you the latest design trends and ideas to make your bathroom your very own.

Image Source: Pexels

Gone are the days where the standard bathroom is clinical-white and ceramic-polished. The bathroom is now the place to linger and unwind, or the place of statement and style, or better yet, both.  Who says the bathroom has to be boring?

Whether you are looking for a total revamp or just to jazz up your bath, we bring you a whole host of ideas to choose from. These latest design trends prove that there are just so many ways the bathroom can stand out, and become the favourite place in your home.

Go Bold

Bold colours and styles have made a comeback in 2023. You would be surprised at how many interior designers have gone way beyond the box to introduce the unusual, fun and bright interiors so that your bathroom become a focal point of discussions too.

Collage Statement

Use contrasting tiles to create your own unique collage of colours and feelings in your bath. This would make it your own statement of style and art that is unusual yet holistically harmonious and cool.

Image Source: Cosentino

The Collage (above) is part of a range of concept bathrooms The Bathelier, and uses combination of clodding, flooring and countertops to create the elusive balance of contrast and harmony to make the space both functional and stylish, and truly personalized.

Retro Terrazzo

Bring in the fun, retro vibe of terrazzo while keeping to the neutral tones – this lets you make a statement without being overpowering, and elevate your bath with a chic design.

Image Source: Showerwall


Fret not if you think that having terrazzo on the whole bath is not your thing – terrazzo is still very chic when used to complement parts of your bath.

Image Source: Mandarin Stone

Artsy Walls

Amp it up with art on your bathroom walls and get inspired! Not for the fainthearted, but this shows confidence to transform your space to spa-like sanctuary and make a statement to your individuality and style.

Image Source: Avalana

Bold Colours

Go all the way with bold colours on your bathroom walls! This is a sure way to make a statement with an unusual bath shade beyond the standard white or hue colours.

From peachy pink, olive green to seaside blue, these unconventional colours have been touted to be 2023’s chosen shade to emphasise the bath like never before.

Pretty in pink! Let the colour known to sooth and to calm be your daily change companion.

Image Source: Cosentino

Olive green will definitely liven up the bath and energise the space.

Image Source: Cater Photography

Seaside blue in the wall tiles here introduces depth and tranquility in the bathroom.

Image Source: Decorilla

Go Natural

Let nature bring you calming, soothing feeling as you soak in the and wash out the urban clutter of our everyday lives. Here are a few ways you can achieve the natural balance for a  warm, inviting bathroom.

Earthy Feels

Re-create the feeling of the outdoors by using earthy hues – think of nature-inspired shades of sandy beiges, warm ochres, and dusky browns. This lets your bathroom become the place to connect to nature again.

Image Source: Decorilla

Natural Materials

Clever use of natural materials such as wood can instantly transform your bathroom and emit soothing, positive emotions and blend in nature effortlessly.


Image Source: BC Designs

Using rock or stone materials is also another stunning way to make your bathroom emit the all-natural feeling.

Image Source: Tilen.Space

Go Centrepiece

Another way to jazz up your bathroom without having to redo the entire interior is to create a focal point with key items such as tub, sinks and basins deliberately.

Free-standing tub

Re-create the spa feeling at home by having a free-standing tub – it makes clear that the bathroom is for relaxation, and relaxation only, and imbues a sense of luxury and pampering in your own home.

Image Source: Design Gallery

Bold basin and open-spout mixers

In space-tight Singapore and many parts of Asia, the simplest way to make a statement centrepiece is by choosing an unusual coloured basin and blend that in with an open-spout mixer and cabinet.

Image Source: Big Lobang

There you go – we know that the different trends and ideas above would have given you that many more ways to rethink your bath. So whether it is a statement of style, boldness or just back-to-nature warm tones you want, make it a space that is truly yours.