Smart Hacks for a Safe Home and Peace of Mind!

Source: Pexels
Article by Mabel Tan, Edited by Puja Chandra

Our home is our place of respite, a place where cherished moments are shared with loved ones! Because there is no other place we would want to secure like our home, we bring you these recommendations to make your home safe.

Each product category listed below includes a choice of a basic, value-for-money option alongside another premium, all-bells-and-whistles alternative – so that you can choose which fits your budget and needs better.  Now, wouldn’t you call that smart?

  • Security Cameras

Basic: Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera

The Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera connects directly to your home Wi-Fi and records video in high definition (1080p). It has an automatic night vision for dark room recording as well as privacy-shield whenever you wish to stop recording.

Parents will also appreciate the full-duplex audio that will allow them to communicate two-way with their little ones through the camera.

Don’t let the price tag fool you, its automatic motion and audio detection will alert you on your mobile so that your home is always secure, all the time.

Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera: SGD149; works with Amazon Alexa Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

Premium: Indoor and Outdoor surveillance with the Wireless Blink Cameras

Worried about pesky neighbours or high foot traffic in your estate? These wireless cameras allow you to place them anywhere indoors and out, for that total peace of mind.

The Blink Outdoor is weather resistant and both models run on AA batteries for up to 2 years so set-up is a cinch. All the other security features such as night vision, motion detection and two-way audio are also available.

Outdoor Wireless Blink with Indoor Mini Camera bundle from SGD474.53 from major online malls; works with Amazon Alexa.

  • Video Doorbell Cameras

Basic: Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

Go beyond the pigeon-hole and see full head-to-toe view of visitors at your front door. The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell can ring your phone with a video call and, with a two-way audio, allow you to speak to whoever is at your door even when you’re not there (think of all those home deliveries!). This wireless device is also easy to set up and recharge, and will offer high-definition footage with 180-degree view.

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell starts from SGD94 from major online malls; works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

 Premium: Eufy Video Doorbell 2K

The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K doubles up as the outdoor security camera as well with its built-in Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens – so that all activity outside your front door is recorded for up to 2 weeks’ worth in picture-perfect resolution. How’s that for total security and control?

This video doorbell is wireless and can be easily set up, and includes other similar features of motion sensor, smart human detection and real-time alerts to your phone too. Its one downside is that the battery cannot be swapped out.

 Eufy Video Doorbell 2K: SGD329.90.

  • Home Siren / Alarm / Smoke Detector

Basic: Novi 4-in-1 Security System


The Novi Security has a smoke detector, a motion sensor, a 170-degree HD real-time recording camera and a 90dB siren all rolled into a neat package at a fraction of the price of a traditional security system. This all-in-one device is connected to your phone on its app for real-time alerts.

Novi 4-in-1 Security System starts from SGD229 at major online malls.

Premium: Netatmo Security System

The Netatmo Security System not only includes the same features for smoke detection and motion sensor, its siren is also synced with its recording camera, and door and/or window sensors to detect break-ins and sound the alarm against intruders.

This high-end security system even includes facial recognition to differentiate between friend or foe, and allow you to disable recording for familiar faces via its mobile app.

Netatmo Security System starts from SGD612 at major online malls.

We hope these smart hacks will be useful in your pursuit of a safe home and importantly offer you peace of mind!