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Top 7 Interior Design Trends for 2023

Image Source: Lemonfridge Studio
Written by Nuraini Ahmad, Edited by Puja Chandra


Finding yourself a newly-crowned homeowner? Or are you tired of the current look and feel of your home? If you’re looking for ideas for interior design trends, look no further as Home + Living  brings you the Top 7 interior design trends in Singapore.

  • Farmhouse Chic – Curved Archs

Image Source: Lemonfridge Studio

On doorways, entrances, furniture and even shelving – these features frame up the space, and bring a particularly unique feel as opposed to the usual, sharp geometric edges that we’re all familiar with.

  • Minimalistic Scandi 

Image Source: Pexels.com

Pleasing to the eyes, clean lines that come from the Scandinavian look from complementary furniture, color of the walls or even tiles easily play an important role in creating a polished yet cosy look that brings calmness to the senses.

Storage is a big component of achieving the minimalistic look of the Scandinavian aesthetic. Just remember – less is always more.

  • Wainscoting for the Luxe Victorian Feel

Image Source: Freepik

Incorporated particularly for its sophisticated and aesthetic appeal, invoking a modern luxe vibe into your space with wainscoting (i.e. wall skirting) could not only dress up the room, its functional objective is to protect the walls from damage as well. 

Bare walls have never looked so regal!

  • Black/Gold Accessories for Bathrooms 

Image Source: Pexels.com

Bring a whole new meaning to the word “restroom” when you decorate your bathrooms with black or gold accessories. Who doesn’t want to wash their hands under a golden or a sophisticated matte black water faucet?

Depending on the design of each of the accessories, picking out the right kind of showers, faucets, bidets and other details can add to the character of the entire bathroom.

  • Accent Feature Walls / Accent Feature Lighting

Image Source: Pexels.com

Doing away with ceiling lights and installing feature lighting around a kitchen island or TV – highlighting functional and decorative objects on the walls with LED light is very much in trend right now.

This draws the eyes to a specific area of the room, and gives that warmer hue as opposed to having traditional ceiling lights or lamps.

  • Out with Marble, In with Terrazzo 

Image Source: BibtyDesign

As marble walls’ aesthetic appeal slowly fades away, terrazzo tiles are quickly making their way into the interior design aesthetic. Homeowners choose them particularly for bathrooms as an accent wall or wallpaper idea for their children’s rooms.

  • All White Interiors

Image Source: Pinterest

White furniture, windows and tiles, depending on their tones, opens up an otherwise small space, therefore creating a spacious interior that enhances the natural light coming in from the windows. Incorporating bits and pieces of eccentric decorative knick knacks around your home is simple when you have a blank white canvas to work with.

While this is not a comprehensive list, we hope that it inspires you one way or another! What is your take on these latest interior design trends? Write to us!