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Top 3 Furniture Trends to Embrace in 2023/24

Article by Mabel Tan
Source: Pexels

We show you how to go beyond the bland and the pastels with the top 3 furniture trends in 2023/24.  

Looking to update your interior furnishings but don’t know where to start? Looking to renovate or refurbish your home but confused about the myriad of furniture styles and trends you find online?

Fret not, we’ve done the research for you so that you can furnish like a pro. By scouring the latest furniture trends and the top interior designers and furniture makers, we have condensed the latest 2023/24 trends for you into 3 main themes.

And did we tell you that these furniture trends and example pieces are also sourced independently without advertising endorsements? That’s right, none of the trends nor furniture pieces here are sponsored so there’s no need for second-guessing.

Each of these main themes include different ways of how the design element can be implemented, so that you can mix and match your furniture pickings to embody your own unique taste while being trendy and in style!

Go for Curves

What is unequivocal across all the interior designers is the ubiquity of curved furniture in 2023/24.

So yeah, curves are all the rage. However, how curvy you wish to be, is something you get to choose. The reason why curved furniture is in vogue now is how its silhouette complements the clean lines in the room while adding softness and calmness – our eyes naturally rests on the curves and this sets an inviting atmosphere.

Big curves or small, in your living and/or dining spaces

Rounded sofa centre-piece that adds dimension and softness through its curves. (Source: Castlery)

Curvy furniture in the form of rounded full sofa can take centre stage in your living room if you’ve got the space and panache, or it can be tastefully introduced as part of rounded curves on a standalone piece. In other words, you can decide on the extent of curves you want to add to your living space.

Let the curves on a standalone armchair accentuate your living space. (Source: Danish Design)

For some, the dining area is the social focal point of their homes, and may choose to introduce curved furniture here to make their guests feel welcome. Rather than the hard lines of square dining, curved furnishing exude the openness and calmness of happy times together.

Rounded edges of the dinning set make meal times inviting – not to mention how the warm, earthy tones here is also biophilic (below).  (Source: nook&cranny)

Stay Natural and Sustainable with Biophilic Design

Nature and sustainability is the next biggest furnishing theme given our growing awareness and global need. Biophilic design reinforces our innate connection to nature and is said to improve our sense of well-being.  By using furniture with earthy tones and natural materials, this can also become part of your personal statement towards sustainability and love for the environment.

Nature-inspired pieces Earthy Tones and Colour

One way to introduce nature into your home furnishings is to leverage warm, earthy tones and colours (above). Nature-inspired prints or textures can also create the same effect (below).

Inject nature through prints or textures.  (Source: FortyTwo)

Sustainable and Natural Elements

Using natural materials is the other main way to go biophilic. Think of natural wood, stone and ceramics with an element of rawness or unprocessed touch, and it would provide a multi-sensorial experience that brings an alignment to nature.

Original wooden grains in its naturally irregular form in this coffee table imbues nature into the space. (Source: masons home decor)


Sintered stone is not only eco-friendly, but is also waterproof and heat and stain-resistant and a great choice for style and practicality.  (Source: Lulu Furniture)

Make a Statement with a Dash of Eclectic

Last but not least, have a little bit of fun as you inject some personality into your furniture choices. Choose to make a statement with an off-the-cuff piece to jive up your space – by juxtaposing vintage or retro against contemporary aesthetics, this is sure to liven and make your home uniquely yours. The use of geometric shapes or patterns and/or a bit of a colour splash is also a sure-fire way to add personality to your home.

Retro-themed armchair that combines the beloved geometric pattern with plenty of bold colours into the mix.  (Source: SMOKE)


Retro in simplicity.  (Source: FortyTwo)


A splash of nostalgia can be as simple as putting up your favourite retro wall art. You could have a single a statement piece, or an entire wall (here) with the retro themes you like. (Source: Pinterest)

And there you go – with these top 3 furniture trends for 2023-2024, you can have lots of fun experimenting on how you can blend them as part of your furnishing choices. The possibilities are endless!

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