Meet the Exciting Brands Representing Singapore at IFA Berlin, 2023

Media Engagement with the Singapore Pavilion IFA Exhibitors at the SGC.
Media Engagement with the Singapore Pavilion IFA Exhibitors at the SGC.

Home plus Living was invited to the Singaporean- German Chamber of Industry and Commerce along with other media representatives to meet the 5 Singaporean companies that are poised to showcase their innovative products at the Singapore Pavilion of the IFA Berlin, the largest consumer electronics show in the world, from the 1st to 5th September, 2023.

Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect at the Singapore Pavilion of IFA Berlin this year:

Singapore Pavilion Exhibitor #1 – Igloocompany Pte Ltd (Rafael Franknow, GM Europe)

Smart Access Technology with Cutting Edge Showcased at IFA Berlin 2023

Igloo Smart Locks and Padlock

Igloo is a pioneering smart access technology company from Singapore that has partnered with Airbnb, Uber and other industry giants, making its mark as a manufacturer of ingenious smart locks and loT devices. Igloo boasts a comprehensive product lineup for businesses and consumers, including: Igloohome Smart Padlock 2, Igloohome Smart Padlock Lite, Igloohome Smart Retrofit Lock. With their latest software ecosystem innovations with the 3rd gen app, it will be possible to integrate with wearables such as the Apple Watch and other smart home and software solutions.


Singapore Pavilion Exhibitor #2 – My First (Brian Tan, CEO)

The World’s First Kids’ Social Circle and the World’s First Kids’ Safety TWS Earbuds at IFA Berlin

myFirst Carebuds and Wearable Smartphones with myFirst Circle

myFirst, the Singapore based tech brand for kids, launches the world’s first kid’s social circle, allowing children, their friends and the family to enjoy social media interaction, whilst still safeguarding their privacy and safety. It is a calling, messaging and social sharing app with full control in the hands of parents. myFirst circle can be accessed from the App store or Google Play for Apple Ios and android devices respectively.

The myFirst Fone S3 and S3+ Kid Wearable Smartphones with myFirst Circle are the newest 4G LTE wearable smartphones for kids to stay connected with friends and family and are being launched by myFirst at the Ifa Berlin, 2023.

myFirst is also presenting myFirst Carebuds, World’s First Kids’ Safety True Wireless Stereo Earbuds at IFA Berlin. These innovative Carebuds come with active Transparent Mode, allowing environmental sound to be heard when the child is on the move as also ensuring that they can listen to a maximum of 85db to protect their hearing, through the Safe Volume feature.

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Singapore Pavilion Exhibitor #3 – Oxytap (Wilson Tan, CEO/Founder)

Oxytap Launches Oxytap5: The World’s First Regenerative Oxygen Supplement at IFA Berlin 2023


Oxytap, a leading innovator in the health and wellness solutions launches Oxytap 5 an innovative regenerative oxygen supplement infuser. The revolutionary product addresses the need for increased oxygen levels in the body that are depleted with age and disease. Through a proprietary process, the device transforms ordinary water into oxygen-enriched water ensuring optimal absorption by the body.

Oxytap device is user-friendly and features a simple one-touch operation. It’s compact design make sit perfect for office use or for travel. Oxytap 5 is able to generate different oxygen dosages for different requirements such as health and sports

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Singapore Pavilion Exhibitor #4:

RMVHG Pte Ltd, Brand: Red Monster (Axmund Phuah, Founder)

Red Monster Unleashes Power Air Mini Portable Charger at IFA Berlin, 2023

Red Monster Power Air Mini

Red Monster, a leader in Singapore Power Bank brand introduced its Power Air Series setting a new standard for best in class charging solutions on compact architectural design.

Headlining the power bank collection is the new Singapore masterpiece the Power Air Mini, a compact 10000mAh power bank that sports USB-C  and USB-A, supports Magnetic/ Wireless Charging. The power bank sports a matt colour finish and a foldable stand design.

Founded in 2008, Red Monster Venture Holding Group follows a Global Brand: Local Strategy.

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Singapore Pavilion Exhibitor #5: TGI Technology Pte Ltd, Brand UB+(Mark Lim Head of Design)

Presenting the UB+Db1 Doublebass Bluetooth Speaker at IFA Berlin, 2023

UB+ Doublebass Bluetooth Speaker

Experience music in a whole new dimension with the UB+Db1 Doublebass Bluetooth Speaker that offers music to be seen, not just heard, coming to life through your speaker. It captures this captivating visual element to take your listening pleasure to a whole new level.

At the heart of the speaker are a pair of 5.2-inch passive radiators, each three times larger than the speaker driver itself. When the music starts, these radiators come to life, pulsating in rhythm with the music and resulting in a deep, rich bass adding an extra dimension to the music.

The UB+Db1 Doublebass Bluetooth Speaker, designed and engineered in Singapore, is a visual masterpiece thanks to its elegant spherical design. The perfect symmetry of the sphere ensures balanced sound amplification across the entire soundscape. The speakers are available in glossy white, shiny black, and matte metallic grey.

The brand UB+ is derived from the word ubiquitous – to exist everywhere, while the plus denotes going the extra mile for customers in terms of functionality, quality and range.

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