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6 Home Renovation Companies Loved by Singapore Homeowners!

Article by Mabel Tan, Edited by Puja Chandra

We’ve all heard the horror stories of home renovation: unfinished work, absentee designers, irresponsible charges. Singapore reported an almost 50% jump in complaints against home renovation contractors in 2021 and it appears that the issue continues to deteriorate to the extent that the Ministry of Home Affairs is even considering “possible law changes on renovation fraud”.

So, what’s a homeowner to do?

Here, we bring you 6 home renovation / interior design companies with the best customer reviews that comes without any advertising or sponsorship dollars. Yup, we scoured around for bona fide rated renovators so that you don’t have to.

Key Concept

Dreamers. Doers. Problem solvers.

Three attributes of a good design and trustworthy execution that translated into multiple reviews of professionalism, responsiveness and commitment. What was interesting about this interior designer is an apparently youthful team that has been able to deliver projects consistently to or above expectations with their clients. Perhaps as a result of their youthfulness, many clients have also remarked on the appealing design concepts even as the company promises to “get creative.. and unafraid to push the boundaries”.

Source: company’s website


Urban Home Design

One would think that this interior designer is inclined to a particular style for the urbanised look but its brand name is actually derived from the attributes of being understanding, reliable, buildable, affordable and necessity.

What stood out in the multiple 5-star reviews for this firm was their solid experience and reliability to execute projects.

One of the founding partners is herself born in renovation contractor family and seems to have deep roots in the industry. This shows from the extensive media coverage they have as well as the array of different styles from Japanese ryokan to Scandinavian wood to Thailand’s Siam district look.

Source: company’s website


Jesigns Interior Design

Well reviewed for large spaces, this firm has an impressive track record of home renovation projects completed in five-room BTOs, executive maisonettes, landed and commercial developments.

Beyond the mainstream designs, Jesigns have an “Out of the Box” category that included executions from the futuristic out-in-space to the old-school vintage look and feel.

Customer reviews seem to point to the team work that stood out, where work is well-coordinated in in the group of eight that meant responsiveness and attention to detail.

Source: company’s website


Interior Times

Customers’ reviews of this home renovation company resonated mostly with how responsible, reliable and cost-effective they are. From small scale room makeovers to full renovation packages, the company has been able to deliver efficiently and at budgets that would not break the bank.

Source: company’s website


The Interior Bureau

Bold designs, yet timeless so that they will not go out of style.

If that sounds like a tall order, this interior designer boosts that its team of youthful and passionate designers are going to do just that for you.

And their customer reviews online do seem to point to cool designs that were met with delight.

Source: company’s website

Black N White Haus

A clear design philosophy that strives to see each client as distinctive to bring about the balance, unity and harmony that represents the individuality of each home.

By bringing about a diversity of design backgrounds together, this interior designer / home renovation company has also received rave reviews across the residential and commercial projects undertaken.

Source: company’s website

Did you find the list useful? Do you have a home renovation company/ interior design firm you can recommend? Write to us

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