AUX debuts washable air conditioner with removable core at its new product release event

Creating a new environment for indoor health

NINGBO, China, June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AUX, a Chinese home appliance maker with air conditioner sales ranked among the world’s top three for both 2018 and 2019, rolled out a solution on June 1. On that day, AUX formally debuted its washable air conditioner with removable core during its online event themed “keeping your air conditioner’s core clean and creating a healthy indoor environment” at which the company’s new product lineup was announced.

At the event, Gu Tangtang, Vice President of Home Appliances at AUX, said, “The washable air conditioner is the fruit of AUX Japan R&D Center’s two years of research and development. AUX incorporated the concept of ‘building blocks’ into the air conditioner assembly and leveraged the futuristic technology behind some 1,300 patents to make the core removable and, hence, washable. Disassembling one air conditioner can easily be done by just one person in five easy steps with the entire process being completed in 30 seconds.”

AUX Japan R&D Center engineer Yasuaki Miyama added, “AUX has completely overturned the structural design of the air conditioner, breaking away from the entire concept of how a traditional cooling device was designed, by fully deconstructing and re-imagining the entire internal composition of the cooling unit. We finally made a breakthrough in the structure after countless technological iterations with the result being the washable air conditioner with a removable core. The new design has overcome the challenges that air conditioner owners faced when it came to how to wash and clean the unit.”

Besides the removable core feature, the new model comes with a wind-free mode and 56 degrees Celsius high temperature sterilization. AUX has set the sales price for the highly customizable and configurable unit with the highest rating in terms of energy efficiency at 3999 yuan for the 1.5P version, an excellent cost for value when compared with quality products of the same class.

The launch of the new washable air conditioner with removable core will undoubtedly promote the rapid development of the world’s HVAC industry and give a much-needed boost to manufacturing in general.

This year, the spread of COVID-19 has forced everyone to think of the importance of maintaining one’s respiratory health and the importance of indoor air quality. When using an air conditioner to cool or ventilate a space, keeping the cooling unit clean is a common pain point due to the structural problems associated with traditional equipment. Air conditioner cores, including the air duct, the wind wheel and the tubes that transport the water are all areas where massive amounts of dirt and other pollutants collect. Especially in the cooling unit’s core, these are all areas that can easily turn into breeding grounds for germs as well as the source of indoor air pollution, turning the air conditioner into the “invisible killer” that endangers human health.