6 Ways To Recycle Your Takeaway Plastics

Welcome back to another post on DIY’s to make your home a better living place. We often don’t think twice about throwing away our containers and plastics utensils. Many of these little things can actually be recycled and today we are going to show you some of the tips and tricks to how we can change these unwanted stuff to our day-to-day essentials.

1. Product Storage
These containers may seem unworthy and useless but in today’s modern housing, spaces are getting smaller and smaller. What better way to think of alternative to help save space. Furthermore, these containers are usually given when we order takeaways thus you can DIY it to make it more personalized.

2. Plastic Bottles/Bags
You always heard people saying trees are dying because of us. Now you can do your part to save mother nature by recycling these plastic bottles and bags. Simply cut the tip and bottom of the bottle, and you can store all your plastic bags in it. Spray paint and decorate it how you want it and make it as a part of your home decor.

3. DIY Straw Packets
Create your own sachets of portable hand soap or even condiment. All you need is just straws, a lighter, and a plier.

4. Candle Holder
Create your own unique candle holder and personalize it the way you want. Gather a few stick of tree brunch and cut it in the length of your choice, stick it together and voila. Your very own candle holder.

5. DIY Date Night Idea Box
Wanted to have an element of surprise? DIY your very own Date Night Idea Box with recycled boxes from your takeaway. Fold it with papers and drop it in the box. You’ll never have to think of where to go, and what to do for your next date.

6. DIY Lamp
DIY your own strawberry lamp with these recycled materials. A big bottle, adhesive paper for lamps, hanger, and lots of plastic spoons. Cut the bottle at the stated area. Overlay the adhesive styrene paper at the inner side of the cut bottle.

Take the hanger and cut it as stated in the picture below. Screw 2 holes at the sides of the bottle, then put the cut hangers through it and use a plier to twist the end of it.

Cut the tip of the plastic spoons, and glue it as seen in the picture below. Make sure it covers all the areas of the bottle so that it will not seem uneven.

After you’re done, the final product should be looking like this as seen below. A note to take. Do make sure that the lightbulb you’re using is LED Light so that it doesn’t heat up and end up melting these plastics to liquid.

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