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7 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Room

1. Pillow Lap Desk
Always wanted to have something that is aesthetically pleasing and yet functional at the same time? Why not design your own pillow lap desk using your unwanted pillow, photo frame and voila!

2. Pillow Bed
Want something out of the ordinary? Try making your very own pillow bed. Simply pin the top edge of the first and second pillow case together, then pin the bottom edge of the second and third pillow case together. Follow the previous step and pin the top edge of the thrid and fourth pillow case together.

Sew the pinned edges together to make sure that the pillow case are nice and tight so that it doesn’t break apart. Next, sew a handle on either end of the first or fourth pillow case.

Lastly, stuff your pillows into the pillow case and voila! You have your very own pillow bed.

3. DIY Leaning Desk
Create your own desk with minimal effort. Its pleasing to the eye and uses very little space at home. All you need are few wooden planks, glue gun, measuring tape, and screws to start DIY-ing.

4. PVC Pipe Laptop Holder
All you need are these items for you to create your very own Pipe Laptop Holder. You can even paint it in whichever color you want, or even spray paint it. Its up to your own creativity.

5. Shoe Shelf Bed Desk
Have a old shoe shelf that you thought of throwing it away? Why not recycle? You can use it as your laptop desk while you’re doing work on your bed so you don’t have to hurt your aching back.

6. DIY Standing Table
Create your own mini stand alone table with these simple steps. Get a wooden plank that is 61cm x 41cm. The legs of the table should’nt be too long either, about 29cm is a good length.

Draw 5cm at the edge of all 4 sides. And that is where you will screw in the nail for you to screw it the legs of the table.

And there you have it! A nice and minimalistic table for yourself.

7. Cardboard Desk Cord Hider
Always had your wires hanging everywhere looking disorganized? Here’s a DIY for you to clear these problems away.

Use a shipping tube, measure it till it fits the size of your table.

Cut the bottom and use a masking tape to tape the edges. Then, spray paint it or design the way you want it to be.

Use a nail and screw it below your table. Placed your electric socket inside the shipping tube, and tuck in all your cords.

There you have it, your wonderful Cardboard Desk Cord Hider!

Source of information is from Buzzfeed.

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