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Say Bye To Bad Air At Home

Wouldn’t it be great if your home can be 24 hours protected? Now you can with Gush! Air purifying wall paint. Revolutionizing the market, Gush! Is pushing boundaries and making interior wall pain safe and chemical free for your family. Purifying the air and regulate humidity at your home nest sounds like an impossible product. But GUSH! AirPure Interior Paint seems to be gushing their way to be the next top paint for all households.

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Purifying your nest round the clock, Gush! Interior wall paint not only enhances your home interior but also gives you and your family a mental boost by replicating and rejuvenating effects of a walk in the park, making you feel refreshed and allowing you to focus better at home.

GUSH! Also regulates humidity with its thermal insulation, prevents mould from forming, making it the ideal paint choices for typically damp areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and area around air-conditioners. Since May 2012, 112 households have enjoyed cleaner air by putting their walls to work. Here are some of the testimonials left by households who have tried Gush! Interior Wall Paint.

“My son has sinus and wakes up every morning with congested and runny nose. After Gush painted our place, I witnessed a change in my son’s sinus. I’m also saving a lot on tissues.”
– Mrs. Sally, Mother of Two (Tampines, Singapore)

“I’ve tried other odorless paints before and even though they say odorless, still got some uncomfortable smell when painting. I’m quite sensitive to chemicals, so far only Gush paints are ok on my nose!”
Jermaine (Clementi, Singapore)

“Usually my client will complain when we lacquer the parquent flooring because the smell will stay around for 2 weeks. With Gush, the smell was gone in a few days.”
Alex Chan, Interior Designer (Eunos, Singapore)

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