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Most Appropriate Colours for Different Home Spaces


When it comes to picking colours for specific spaces in your home, keep in mind that colour trends come and go. The ‘in’ colour this summer may change in a month. So instead, you should focus on each colour’s psychological value. Think about how each colour makes you feel as well as how it makes the space feel as a whole, and to guests.

Living room

Living rooms are spaces of relaxation, and the perfect colour to incite this is blue. Softer and less intense shades of blue work best because of their calming effect.


However, if you want your living room to be livelier especially if you have guests over often, note that red raises a room’s energy level. They should be used sparingly, though, because it tends to give off a slightly aggressive vibe.


The best colours for kitchen spaces are earth tones as well as brighter hues. Yellow has uplifting and illuminating properties, inciting cheerfulness and fun, thereby prompting enthusiasm and creativity in spaces. The colour is perfect for when you need inspiration whenever you’re working on a new recipe or simply figuring out what to cook the kids for dinner.

Yellow also works well in small spaces, and makes them appear bigger than they actually are.



Pastels and paler shades of colours are the most appropriate for bedrooms. Greens tend to work best as they are believed to have the effect of relieving stress by helping people wind down towards the end of the day.


Although red is considered to be too stimulating for bedroom spaces, if you’re typically in the room only after dark, and it is illuminated by softer, yellowish lights, the room will look a bit less intimidating.

If you’re ever unsure, settle for neutrals (black, grey, white and brown) and add hints of brighter colours to each space using furniture or decorative pieces.

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