Ambiente 2017

Every year, the consumer goods industry congregates at Ambiente Frankfurt – around 136,000 visitors from more than 143 countries to be precise. Divided into three sections – Dining, Giving and Living – the fair is an amazing place to be able to experience first-hand the latest and newest in the industry. Home+Living was there to find out more about what’s hot in the interior and design sector – and here’s what we’ve found out.

Hygge for the home



Hygge (cosy in Danish) is a concept where one makes time for themselves and their loved ones, and to create an area of well-being at home. Manufactors have been quick to latch onto Hygge movement; little surprise that we saw plenty of Hygge-friendly materials such as hand-crafted and homely items, featuring materials such as wicker, raw wood and ceramics.

Seasonal tastes


When it comes to motifs, geometric patterns, fine lines and ethnic decoration are gaining popularity. Spring and summer-inspired motifs include florals and members of the animal kingdom such as birds, and even sea creatures such as urchins and crabs. To add to the sunny atmosphere, we are also seeing a lot of fair-weathered looks such as pineapples, parakeets and cacti.

Soft and powerful

Ambiente 2017
The coming season goes soft when it comes to colours, with a palette of discreet nude, beige and sand shades, all which are perfect bases for stronger accents or furniture in complementary colour such as deep black, copper and gold.

Black and white contrasts

Ambiente 2017
Sculptural and geometric forms make its mark in the Living section, with furniture that reminds one of origami. The geometry continues onto cushions and carpets, with diamond-like patterns in colours like midnight blue and silver.

Lightness of being


2017 Ambiente

The art of glass blowing is staging a comeback thanks to a hunger for delicate details. Vases and bowls come with embedded cracks and inclusions, elaborately ground, or are sometimes carefully painted by hand. Light bulbs are cocooned in crocheted lace while filigree patterns appear on wooden wall clocks or silver picture frames.

Good Wood


Hygge is also reflected by the choice of material in the Living section – wood is no longer exclusive to the usual suspects like chairs or cutting boards. Today, wood can be found giving shape to toys, dishes and even loudspeakers. They can be either rustic or pared down for a Scandivanian look.

A functional kitchen

2017 Ambiente

This year, spotlight is on functionality, especially when it comes to dining and a healthy way of life. No wonder then that the focus is on preserving aromas, flavours and flavours in the kitchen. Enamel is making a comeback in the form of pots and pans, and is gaining popularity thanks to its vintage look. The industrial/rustic look has lost none of its momentum, and even looks set to increase as we see more of this combination in even cutting boards and cutlery.

When retro and pastel collide

2017 Ambiente
Pastels are not usually seen in the kitchen but times are a-changing. They are now increasingly used to embellish pots, baking moulds, and small electric appliances – particularly in situations where designers are deliberately aiming for a retro style (remember Smegg?). At the same time, nature-inspired designs have also found their way to the kitchen; vases are designed in the image of hilly landscapes, or products made to look like they have grown naturally – as though they were themselves part of nature, skilfully hiding their industrial origins.

Images: Ambiente 2017