5 Places To Get Furniture Made Of Sustainable Materials in Singapore

As an effort to address the environmental impact of furniture products, furniture and home supplies made of sustainable materials is an uprising new trend amongst eco-conscious homeowners. Here are our top picks where you can get sustainable furniture in Singapore:


With wood being the base of all its products, Ethnicraft prides itself as an sustainable furniture store. The woods they use are either reclaimed Javanese timber or come from teak plantations. There are no energy wastage in the construction of Ethnicraft furniture- residual sawdust are used as fuel or competed as a base for palettes.

Artful House


Artful House uses recycled and reclaimed wood to create contemporary furniture that suits modern living spaces. Recycled woods hailing from India and Indonesia can come from old windows, doors and boats. Over at Artful House, reclaimed wood retains its aged look. The environmentally friendly range of furniture comes in hues of green, turquoise and blue.

Mountain Teak 


One of the more eco-friendly woods, teak is low maintenance and durable. From its name, Mountain Teak uses natural and reclaimed teak wood to build their sturdy furniture. The Karpenter collection is a designer furniture collection that uses the highest grade of certified solid reclaimed teak to create modern pieces perfect for the living space.

Hommage Lifestyle



At Hommage Lifestyle, furniture is made with a variety of materials and one stands right out- aged whisky oak barrel furniture. The barrel material of oak soaked whisky are crafted into sofas, tables, cabinets and more. Furniture and furnishings have a depth of aged colour, giving it a classy and timeless look.

Journey East


Journey East offers eco-friendly furniture and furnishings from d-Bodhi, known for its sustainable furniture. Modern contemporary pieces from Journey East are created from reclaimed wood, galvanised iron pipes and more. The company also offers upcycled originals and vintage pieces.