5 Stunning Modern Homes From Around The Globe

Marvel at these stunning modern homes that come complete with amazing interiors. From the classic to the contemporary, each has its own striking facets that warrants adulation from all corners of the world.

New Wave Architecture in Mosha Iran

Combining the human elements with the natural landscapes, this is a boxy allure of architectural brilliance. Located in the in the vicinity of the north side of Tehran in domains of Alborz mountains. 3 cantilevered boxes, with specific rotation to each other, cuts out into the open creating a sense of flow.

The floor-to-ceiling windows offers numerous panoramic views, acting as more than just an opening. An inclined cylindrical shaft is located in the intersection point of boxes which covers the stairs. This shapes a void that due to its position supplies an oblique view among all three levels and improves family interactions.

Armadale, Victoria, Australia

A thing of beauty, the floating glazed pavilion at the western end of the property has a close connection to the pool. Offering an external living area which is timeless and elegant, there’s a minimalistic tone throughout the house.he understated entry opens to flowing family living spaces and a master suite which maximise the north facing aspect of the plot.

Clean lines and well executed details are the highlights of the interior. The travertine and timber clad first floor contain the children’s as well as the guest bedrooms. The use of gen yet genuiune materials elevates the house into one with simplistic layout yet exceptional quality.

Your Dream Property, Utah, USA

stunning homes utah mansion

Named as Utah’s finest home, this mansion in Utah has a fantastical storybook surroundings. Sitting on about 30 acres of mountain land, it’s stony walls and glass finishings makes it a residence that would fittingly belong on the hit Once Upon A Time show.

There’s awe-inspiring views of the aforementioned mountains in nearly every room in this fairy-tale designed home. Inside, there’s the mosaic tiled pizza oven in the kitchen to the hand blown glass chandelier in the entryway. Dinner guests might just be transported to a dreamy world with the curation of flowing, colour, form, and texture .

Casa TM Beach House, Brazil

stunning homes casa tm brazil


The breathtaking beach house is 1.20 meters above the plot with a view of the sea. Wood was employed in most of the spaces to accentuate a casualness all over the property. The structure. made of prestressed beams. has a large span of 18.5 meters, resembling a bridge in keeping with the horizontal landscape.

The wooden volume of the first floor houses the bedrooms and is enveloped with folding doors. Glass doors completely slide inside the walls to achieve a seamless transition between interior and exterior. Ample use of lush vegetation enhances the indoor-outdoor feel about this Brazilian beach house.

Zen Courtyard, Singapore

stunning homes zen courtyard singaporeInspired by Japanese Courtyard architecture, the Zen Courtyard House is located in Singapore’s Luxury Island Resort of Sentosa Cove. The front of the house is elevated and consists of two blocks clad with groove-cut travertine marble and a large teak picture frame to mark the entrance. Visual elements are the highlights of this contemporary home.

Passive sustainable design was incorporated through the large canopies, trellises and roof overhangs to naturally shade the rooms and keep them cool. The trellis roof also shades the courtyard pond and filters solar radiation. In keeping with its Zen aspirations, there’s a tranquility prevalent throughout the abode.