3D printed lamps guaranteed to start a conversation

As 3D printing technology becomes more and more advanced, artists and designers have reached new levels of innovation. Whether they’re rendering one-of-a-kind ideas or producing multiples of an original mould, 3D printers can now be harnessed to create some of the most interesting pieces around. Here are a few designers that stepped up their A game through unique, conversation-worthy 3D printed lamps.

Nervous System

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Photo credit – http://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/

Founded in 2007 by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, both MIT graduates, Nervous System has led the way in the application of generative systems, 3D printing, and other new technologies in design. By allowing customers to co-create their own pieces using Nervous System’s online design applications, they’ve opened the door to endless variation while remaining advocates for the accessibility of design.

Their products are largely inspired by natural phenomena, which they base their computer programs on, bringing to life unique homewares, jewellery, and art. Their lamps range from US$75 to several hundred and even up to US$1,320 for the truly stunning “Seed Lamp.” Printed in different types of plastics with varying textures and designs, these lightweight lamps are absolutely attention-grabbing whether on or off.



lampe-blanc-sur-table-e1437656945195   lampes-ivoires-e1437657158563

Photo credit – http://www.lefabshop.fr/

The personal project of industrial designer, Samuel Bernier, Dentelle was born out of an inability to find an affordable, “non-ugly” lamp for his new home. So instead of buying one he decided to print one with his 3D printer. When the first came out well he designed and printed 11 more, all variations of the same theme, some solid and some dotted or with holes. This series speaks to the innovation and affordability of these new technologies, not to mention their beauty and functionality. Bernier now works as the Creative Director of leFabShop where projects like Dentelle and more have come to complete fruition.


11150518_477021519127270_7401052726746907715_n   10659326_458986124264143_7466898808097482254_n

Photo credit – https://www.facebook.com/52shapes/

Dutch designers Paul and Petra are the genius behind the 52Shapes project. They post a new lamp to their site every Sunday at 7pm and allow orders to enter for just one week, capping production at 250 so you know your original creation is not being severely mass produced. Costing between $175 to $350 these affordable unique creations come in an all-white design that can be spray painted at home, again elevating this drive for customisation and originality. Keep up with their latest work through 52Shapes facebook page.


radiolara-glow-in-dark-3d-printed-lamp-2    radiolaria-3d-printed-lamp-1

Photo credit – http://www.3ders.org/

Another pair of Dutch designers, Anke Bernotat and Jan Jacob Borstlap, of Bernotat & Co. created the 11-lamp glow-in-the-dark series Radiolaria, inspired by the drawings of microscopic organisms by biologist Ernst Haeckel. Their designs were 3D-printed and then covered with a 3D knitted textile made of glow-in-the-dark polyester fabric. Beautifully complex these lamps are works of art in their own right.

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