5 reading essentials for the modern bookworm

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in a day to do all the things you need, let alone want, to do?? Especially in these fast-paced times, it’s hard to get a moment to yourself. But when you can, undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling things to do is relax and get lost in a book.

Here are 5 reading essentials with a contemporary twist sure to delight any bookworm!

1. A funky lamp

reading essentials
Photo credit – designdiffusion.com

Try Lumio’s clever ‘book lamp‘. Book on the outside, light on the inside. The lamp is powered by a strong battery and emits an adjustably pleasant light. You’re assured reading quality in this impeccably crafted Japanese designed product.

2. A comfortable chair

reading essentials
Photo credit – skandium.com

Lounge in this mid-century revival by Hans Wegner, a product of the industrial revolution that stays modern and relevant so many years later. Don’t be deceived by its clean and sleek look as this chair is super comfy too with a deep seat, tall back and curved edges – perfect for curling up to.

3. A complimentary mug

reading essentials
Photo credit – wayfair.com

A good read goes hand in hand with a soothing hot drink. Put yours in one of these six Era glass and porcelain mugs, sold in a set, each glass mug has a different porcelain handle from minimalist to baroque. Great for one, but can also turn into a conversation piece over tea.

4. A kind-of book

reading essentials
Photo credit – amazon.com

While the pleasure of holding a physical book in your hands will never go away it seems the use of electronic readers are becoming more and more convenient. Amazon’s Kindle comes in a few varieties and with over 1 million titles to choose from you’ll couldn’t possibly run out of options.

5. A pleasing bookmark

reading essentials
Photo credit – etsy.com

Stay classy with these leather heart shaped bookmarks by Jennifer Lesley Design. Made in the US of 100% natural leather, the hearts slip neatly over the edge of your page helping you keep your place in style.

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