5 Amazing Air Cleaning Plants

These plants do double duty: They look great and clean the air around you, too! Here’s a list.

Apart from adding great décor to your space, certain plants have the ability to purify the air of the room they’re in. These flower arrangements help remove or minimise the level of potentially harmful chemicals in your home.

1) The Colourful Chrysanthemum

Not only do you get a plant that adds life and colour to your room, you’re getting a plant that’s the best in removing benzene from air. Benzene is commonly found in detergent, plastic or glue, which are all products found in any household. Make sure to choose the flower kind and not the garden kind. Also, place it near the source of light so that the buds are encouraged to open and clean your air of benzene.

Courtesy of Flower Stub

2) The Easy-to- Maintain Spider Plant

Spider plants are perfect for those who don’t have time to take care of plants, yet still want the benefits of having one inside their space. It’s easy to grow and doesn’t need constant attention. Simply place it in indirect sunlight and watch it grow. Now, what is the advantage of owning this easygoing plant? It helps minimise and filter out formaldehyde and xylene from the air — substances which are found in many household substances.

spider plant
Courtesy of The Spirit Science

3) Gerbera Daisies

Another flowering plant that helps clean your air from toxic chemicals is the Gerbera Daisies. It’s usually used in flower arrangements and bouquets, thus its air cleaning powers usually go unnoticed. It is extremely efficient in filtering out benzene and trichloroethylene from the air, which is a chemical that usually infiltrates the air in our home when dry cleaning. As for maintenance, you’re going to have to devote some attention to this beauty. Give it plenty of direct sunlight, and be sure to mist it a couple of times a week.

gerbera daisies
Courtesy of Fiori Della Vita

4) The Immortal Aloe Vera

If you’re looking for a plant that’s easy to grow and maintain, aloe vera is the right plant for you. Not only does it filter toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene out of the air, it is also great at healing cuts and wounds. It’s no wonder that Egyptians call it ‘the plant of immortality’.

aloe vera
Courtesy of Green Frog Botanic

5) The Blooming Shrub of Azalea

This plant differs from many houseplants, because it survives and works best if it’s placed in a cool area. The Azalea is a vibrant flower that helps filter out several toxic chemicals from the air. Make sure to mist it, put it in a cool but bright spot, and you’ll have an amazing air cleaner that will brighten your room.


Courtesy of Green Cleaning Magazine

The next time you need an air purifier, consider these luscious plants; they add a classy touch to your homes while purifying your air.

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