The Fabulous Baker Brothers Come To Town!

In The Fabulous Baker Brothers 2, Siblings Tom and Henry Herbert are taking their expertise on the road to help restaurants, cafes and bakeries in need of some fresh ideas. Prior to the premier, we got a chance to interview the charismatic duo and found out some of their quirks you will not be seeing on screen.

1.     How do you like Singapore so far?

Tom (T): It’s like visiting the future. And it’s very tasty and super friendly. I love it.

Henry (H): Wow what an amazing city. It’s so green and swish. But the best part is that it tastes just so flippin’ good. I’m having dreams about chicken rice.

2.        We all know you guys love butter. But besides butter, what are some of your favourite ingredients?

T: We just love strong white flour, chocolate, sourdough culture, bacon, sea salt, lemon, treacle, ginger, coriander, chilli and chipotle.

3.        You guys have been travelling quite a bit, do share with us some of your most memorable experiences.

T: The food has typically been dangerously good and we’ve fallen in love with the people we’ve spent time with. A week in a place can really get into your bones. It’s surprising. And each week in a place has felt like summer camp. We drank apple pie moonshine in downtown Bardstown Kentucky whilst feasting on raccoon stew with really lovely and lively people. We pinched ourselves. Such a wild and stimulating evening so far from home. Wow.

H: Going to the US has been a real highlight for the year. Working with a great team and eating and meeting so many cool people have left me with countless memories..

4.        We have news that Henry just became a father, so tell us how has it been like?

H: Becoming a father has been amazing. I can’t describe the feeling of the love I have for my daughter. I hate to sound cheesy but I’m a really proud father.

5.        And Tom is a proud father of four! Tell us more about them.

T: I’ve a boy and three girls. I love them so much it hurts and they are very spirited and inventive which keeps life rammed full and exciting. I miss being away from them and aim to make up for it in memorable and edifying ways. They constantly inspire me.

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