Let’s Get Feisty

Have a blast this weekend with Singapore’s hottest tacos and burritos at the Lower East Side Taqueria.

Conceptualized by the same fun-spirited team behind Spathe Public House – restaurateur Christopher Lim and Chef-Partner Claudio Sandri – the casual Mexican taqueria takes pride in showcasing the spiciest hot chillies and peppers imported directly from Mexico.








The vibrant interior splashed out in Mexican hues of bright green, vivid blue, and yellow sets an inviting convivial air. But the one thing that will really catch your eye is the installation of wooden pallets and chairs intertwined on the ceiling and hung together as a quirky ‘chandelier’.

Offering three levels of spice intensity to suit varying palates, diners are more than welcome to take up the Ultimate Hotness Challenge; if a diner finishes a trio of tacos prepared at level 3 spice intensity on his or her own within 30 minutes, the tacos will be on the house.

For the food enthusiasts, Chef Claudio offers his take on the much-loved fish taco with the open-faced Tilapia Taco comprising broiled tilapia fillet with tomatoes, onions, red peppers, cilantro and caper berries. But our favourite would have to be the hearty Cumin and Grilled Chicken Burrito – a satisfying combo of smoky char-grilled chicken packed with bacon, pinto beans, and fragrant cilantro-and-lime rice.

For a full on attack on meat, order the Charcoal Grilled Beef that is crafted with an Australian grain-fed rib eye served on a refreshing bed of grape and green apple salad.




When it comes to booze, imbibers have their pick from the considerable range of craft beers and quality spirits including Mac’s Great White, RedRock Lager and a good choice of boutique tequila, mescal and rum sourced from Mexico. But my personal favourite has got to be the traditional Mexican beverage, Horchata. This sweet number is made by blending grains, almonds, nuts and cinnamon to temper the fiery assault of the Mexican chillies.

For more information, visit www.lowereastsidesg.com