Best Design Award 2013: Best Body Cooling Mattress

Bid goodbye to warm, restless nights and welcome a soothing, cool sleep with the Four Star VenticoreTM, a new advanced-technology mattress that helps you sleep more soundly each and every night. 



Cool Comfort

You can now enjoy a comfortable, cooling sleep with Four Star VenticoreTM mattress despite Singapore’s humid and hot weather. The VenticoreTM boasts supreme Swiss technology that regulates your body’s temperature swings to promote better comfort throughout the night.

As a result, the VenticoreTM mattress offers a unique ariness to ensure the complete enjoyment and contentment of a good night’s sleep.

Luxurious Bedding Materials

The mattress cover is made up of four layers – damsk fabric, polypropylebe fiber, pincore latex and a high-density foam. The pincore latex, placed below the damask fabric, is an air-porous layer that permits air transfer to the top of the mattress.

This allows the surface to remain fresh and cool. Coupled with latex’s natural resilience and durability, the four layers contribute to a longer lifespan of your mattress.

Award-Winning Quality

Quality is paramount at Four Star, which is why they’ve been garnered multiple international awards honoring their quest for innovative sleeping and bedding solutions.

In fact, the promise of quality products are shown in their handcrafted upholstery technology that boasts 100% edge-to-edge spring mattresses to offer optimal air circulation and breathability.