Best Design Award 2013: Best Anti-Bacterial Steam Mop

Marvel in the wonders of the Salav EZ-2 Professional Steam Mop as it cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes. As its name suggests, the Salav EZ-2 is the world’s first floor mop to use pressurised dry steam to safely eliminate dirt, grime, bacteria, dust mite and other dangerous allergens. 

Patented Dual Steam Power Delivery

The Salav EZ-2 features two steam jets that produce pressurized hot vapour to soften and loosen dirt on the floors. Swiftly ready in just 3 mins, the bottom steam jet dissolves dirt with ease while the front booster jet offers added steam power to remove stubborn smut. Coupled with a washable microfibre pad, you’re guaranteed a sparkling finish.

Chemical Free & Anti-Bacterial

Unlike the conventional bucket and mop combo, the Salav EZ-2 ensures a thorough clean that kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust mites without the need of harsh chemicals and detergents. Instead, the high temperature steam vapour safely rids your floor of germs an toxic chemical residues – making it safe for all, even the little ones.

Smart Features

Not only does the Salav EZ-2 boasts a modern European design with a beautiful sleek body but also smart features to match. The thermostat thermometer control allows for optimal energy-efficiency while its automatic ON-OFF switch makes for added convenience. Not forgetting, it is safe to use on all sealed, non-porous floor types including water-sensitive materials such as timber and floorboards to cater to all interiors.