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5 Ways to Inject Metallic Accents into Your Home

Add a Midas touch to your home with these sparkly decorative and practical pieces to transform your humble abode into a place of elegance and style.

1. Take baby steps.

Little nuggets of gold lend a luxury touch to clean background. Home accessories such as candleholder, vase and diffuser transform a clean space with much style and sophistication.

2. Rise and shine.

Another subtle way to integrate gold accents into your home is by bringing sunshine and sparkle to the breakfast table. Find bowls with golden bling and bright flower vases to complement that butter you are spreading on your morning toast. Not only would these gilt statement pieces brighten up your day, but will also elevate your style factor.

3. Might-tea practical pieces.

You can continue to add useful metallic accessories on tabletops that would make for a glamorous tea session and impress your guests. Also, instead of using boring wooden trivets, opt for a shinny metal one to hold your hot porcelain teapot adorned with tiny specs of gold.

4. Mix your metallics.

The pinkness of copper adds femininity which goes well with gold objects that bring shine and great dimension to any living space. With a touch of copper, you can either go traditional or modern, chic or industrial, depending on how you style it! An interior composing of gold and copper combined with marble would definitely add class and luxury to your space.

5. Play with geometry.

Metallics are already dynamic by design, so by adding the shiny elements into wonderful geometric shapes, a bold statement piece is achieved! Gold wire cubes or brass sculptures are striking and would take the lead in style at any area of your home. Once you get the hang of things, don’t be afraid to play around with textures and different golden shines for the right gleaming balance.

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