5 Easy Tips for a Halloween-Ready Home

Halloween weekend is here, it’s time for some spooky good decor.

  1. Pumpkin

Halloween can’t go wrong with a carved pumpkin. This ultimate Halloween icon has long been decorating homes. Apart from carving creepy faces out, give it a modern touch by adding lights inside for that added glow.


  1. Floating Ghosts

Quick and easy, blow up a balloon and drape a white sheet over it. Leave the tied end at the top so you can insert a safety pin through the sheet to suspend your floating ghost from the ceiling.


  1. Food Fiasco

Halloween gives you more reason to get creative with not just the home, but also with the food. Blood red beverages, bone-shaped snacks and a ton of food colouring – these are the magic ingredients to keeping it fun, appetizing and creative.

Try a spooky and fun recipe here.


  1. Spider Sacks

Suspend your light bulbs from the ceiling and wrap them up in white yarn to mimic those ghostly cobwebs. Bonus décor points if you pair them with fake plastic spiders.


  1. Bewitching Treats

What’s Halloween without trick-or-treat? Make sure you have a bucket of Halloween candies ready for the little ones.

For more Halloween decor ideas, grab a copy of our latest issue 15 of  Home+Living, with Melody Chen gracing the cover.